In today's market it's important to have a well-curated digital presence. Carefully crafted video is an important part of this presence. We specialize in building brands and telling interesting stories through the art of the short documentary. It's easier than ever to get your digital content direct to the consumer and out into the world, so you want to make sure that it represents you or your brand well. To do this we:

-Shoot 4K video

-Create custom color palettes

-Use industry standard audio equipment

-Use motorized stabilizers and other support equipment to get smooth moving shots

-Work closely with the client to craft a uniform aesthetic

Our portfolio is comprised of TEDx talks, intimate acoustic sessions at music festivals, and a portrait documentary of a skilled craftsman who hand makes his own line of wallets, among others. We also shoot weddings, corporate events and everything in between. We'd never turn down an offer to travel and are confident that we will be able to take care of any other video needs you may have. 

Short Documentary Promo

-starting at $500

A short documentary-style promo video is a great way to get your story into the world. People love connecting and what better way to connect than intimately highlighting who you are and what you do. Really showing the world what you're about. Our packages start at $500 and go up from there depending on what you want. 


-starting at $300/hour

Events are great at engaging people and opening their eyes to new things. Sadly, space at these are often limited. With the rise of Youtube and social media there isn't one reason why everyone shouldn't have the opportunity to see this. We can cover your event from start to finish, through multiple angles, and with professional quality audio so that getting your story into peoples hands is as easy as sharing a link. 

We start at a flat rate of $300 per hour that includes a two HD camera set up, professional audio recording, and all editing associated with the event. 

A La Carte

  • extra shooter and HD camera - $250
  • extra HD camera - $140
  • Highlight edit of event (2-3 minutes) - $400
  • Real Estate

-starting at $450

One of the most important parts of selling real estate is getting people into your space. In the past, this was done by hosting countless open houses, with mixed bags of how many people would show up. In 2018 you can do this by simply uploading a video showcasing your property. We use wide angle lenses, camera stabilizers, and drones to capture the look and feel of the place you are trying to sell. Our pricing starts at $450 per 2-3 minute video and goes up from there. We have individually priced items so you get exactly what you need. 

A La Carte

  • extra minute - $100



Don't see quite what you're looking for?

-If we don't have a category that fits what you want we will work with you to create a custom price, specifically for your project.


*Prices are subject to change based on the individual requirements for the job. 

*Any job over 50 miles away will incur a travel fee, assessed at the time of the project.